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With your gift, we will work to protect a woman's right to choose at all levels of government.

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  • Support today
  • Receive charitable income-tax deduction
An outright gift of cash Deduct 100% of the gift value for federal income-tax purposes
  • Support without depleting your cash reserves
  • Avoid capital-gain tax
A gift of appreciated stock Provide support to while decreasing the out-of-pocket cost to you by avoiding capital-gain tax
  • Minimize taxes on the transfer of a business you own
  • Provide support for
A gift of closely held business stock Receive an income-tax deduction and avoid capital-gain tax
  • Make a significant future gift without affecting your current lifestyle
A charitable bequest Reduce estate and death taxes, and retain control over your assets during your lifetime
  • Leave assets to and your heirs upon your death but you are not sure what to leave to whom
Naming as a beneficiary of your retirement-plan benefits Avoid estate tax on retirement-plan assets while making other property available to pass to your heirs
  • Make a significant gift to
  • Retain an income for yourself
A charitable gift annuity Receive a current income stream and an immediate income-tax deduction
  • Receive a charitable income-tax deduction now
  • Receive income later
A deferred-payment gift annuity Receive an immediate income-tax deduction and income to begin at a future date you choose
  • Use your assets to support today
  • Retain control over the distribution of those assets to heirs
A nongrantor charitable lead trust Freeze value of assets contributed for gift- and estate-tax purposes and avoid estate tax on future appreciation


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